Anyone in need of Fall tabletop decor? What are you using for your fall centerpiece right now? 🎃🎃 I wanted to make something fun and girly, but any color with work for this very SIMPLE table centerpiece! Anyone a fan of pink halloween decor? To create your Fall tabletop decor: 1. Prepare your workspace and get […]

What should you really be looking for when you look for an Interior Designer in Dallas, Texas? Is the main factor how much they charge? And is hiring an interior designer actually a good investment? What are the benefits? How do you actually choose an interior designer? I have been working with clients for the […]

1. Start with a Statement Piece: Every room needs a focal point. It could be a beautifully decorated tree, an elegant wreath, or even a festive fireplace. Find that one item that grabs attention and build around it. 2. Layer Your Lights: Instead of one bright source, use multiple sources of light. String lights, candles, […]