I am passionate about home design, not for the sake of matching the curtains to the pillows, but because I believe that our home, when done right, can tell our story. 

And it's a story that matters- 
to our children, 
our spouse, 
or whoever our chosen family might be.
Their story matters.

interior design expert & Author

I'm Courtney Warren

Just YOU.

YOUR story matters.

So, I want to help make your home a place that you love. 

A place where you feel a deep breath of relief, perhaps even a smidge of giddiness when you walk through the door. 
Maybe you even love it so much that you tell people you are leaving the neighborhood party at 9 PM and mean it. 
Because suddenly, your home is a perfect reflection of the things you love and you want to be there.

Your people. 

Your colors. 

Your style....

I wear a lot of hats as I help people tell their story, and that’s cool with me, because British people always make hats look so cute. 

  • One hat is an interior designer based in Dallas, Texas that works with people who feel stuck in their home design.

  • Another is a content creator that shares my tips, tricks, current projects, and behind the scenes on Instagram and Facebook. 

  • Still another is a speaker that shares those same things, just in person and with makeup on. 

  • The newest hat is one I am really excited about, and that is the published author of a new book. The Story of Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Designing with Purpose and Personality. I hope to continue to help people tell their stories in their home.

You might think these differing responsibilities might be confusing, but I truly adore all the things I do.

I am passionate about helping people design their home and give them time for what really matters.

Especially because all those roles culminate at my most important job, which is boy mom. I certainly don’t have it all figured out because I am parenting two young men who speak in memes and tell me what they want for dinner in rap lyrics.

But I do know I long to tell their story through our personal home design. I want the design of our home to be of warmth, laughter and love, so much so that they are inspired to create a similar feeling for their adult family, whenever that happens.

Right now, we are just focused on learning to drive without me breaking out in hives and stress-yelling in the passenger seat. Where is the chicken-brake when I need it?!?

So, that is a bit about what I do, 

but it's really more about the WHY, 

because I find it much more important. 

And my why is this - 

I believe that one of my many roles can 

also help you tell YOUR story in your home. 

So, will you join me on your favorite social media 

or in my email newsletter, and let’s be friends?




Love, Courtney