Have you noticed that Nutcrackers are having a moment? I see them everywhere. So I set out to find some of my favorite pieces of this cute Christmas trend.

Here is the criteria for my gift guides.

Do I want this?

If the answer is yes, it goes on.

If it is for someone other than a woman like me, I think,

“Would I want that if I were him/them/that teacher/that Sonic worker?”

(Of course I bring gifts to my Sonic carhops.)

Again, yes?


You are not behind. No matter when in the season you decorate. Your pace is perfect. In most of the homes I decorate, they underestimate how many ornaments will fill the tree. Get MORE than you think you need. Need a place to start? Find some of my recent decorations here, my Christmas decorating toolbox, and […]

Choosing a color for your Christmas tree scheme is one of the most fun parts of the holiday. There’s nothing wrong with traditional, red and green and that’s a solid choice. However, if you’re looking to break out of a traditional Christmas rut in 2023, you might consider some popular other looks. Here are some […]

decorate christmas home with me 2023

This year, I wanted to decorate my Christmas home to look like a wonderland from Narnia…if Narnia had poinsettias. I was inspired by a winter wonderland my church created, and I knew I could recreate the magic. Join me as I decorate my Christmas home and transform it all Christmas decor… watch me decorate my […]

Are you having a blue Christmas? Maybe you have heard Cecily Strong or Austin Butler singing Blue Christmas on your Christmas tree song list, but did you realize you can make magical in your home as well? Blue is a gorgeous Christmas color with depth, and can be easily paired with silver, gold, green, white, […]

How many ornaments do I need for my tree? How much ribbon? This is dilemma I face every time I plan out my Christmas decor. Remember the Charlie Brown Christmas

1. Start with a Statement Piece: Every room needs a focal point. It could be a beautifully decorated tree, an elegant wreath, or even a festive fireplace. Find that one item that grabs attention and build around it. 2. Layer Your Lights: Instead of one bright source, use multiple sources of light. String lights, candles, […]

Holiday meals with family and friends can be some of the most cherished times. So go ahead and create a table that’s festive and memorable–not for Insta, but for your loved ones! I’d love to share some tips for how to decorate your holiday table! Set the mood Mood lighting and three forks? Or place […]

Break out the mugs, folks! It’s time for that perennial winter favorite, hot cocoa. What’s better on a cold winter evening than cozying up to the hearth or fire pit with a steaming cup of cocoa warming your hands? I’d love to pass along my secrets for how to make an amazing hot cocoa bar. […]