Have you noticed that Nutcrackers are having a moment? I see them everywhere. So I set out to find some of my favorite pieces of this cute Christmas trend.

Here is the criteria for my gift guides.

Do I want this?

If the answer is yes, it goes on.

If it is for someone other than a woman like me, I think,

“Would I want that if I were him/them/that teacher/that Sonic worker?”

(Of course I bring gifts to my Sonic carhops.)

Again, yes?


How many ornaments do I need for my tree? How much ribbon? This is dilemma I face every time I plan out my Christmas decor. Remember the Charlie Brown Christmas

How do you celebrate a tangible object that you poured your heart and soul into?  That was the enormous task before me as I, along with dear friends and family, planned a party to celebrate the publishing of my new book.  I knew a few things-  I wanted it to be super fun for the […]