home office workspace design ideas

Recently, with school closures across the US and so much uncertainty on whether our children will return to in-school learning, many parents with school-age children found themselves scrambling to facilitate their children’s virtual learning. With parental superpowers activated, most of us stepped up to the challenge and created temporary learning spaces on the fly. So, […]

Work from home

We all have our own unique style that speaks volumes about who we are, but in the age of endless virtual meetings, as we continue to wait out the pandemic wrought by COVID, I want to show you some easy ways to set up a video call that will make your colleagues and their lingering […]

Modern Vintage Rustic Interior Design Dallas

With the world changing daily, and more people moving into a work from home position, many people are having to create office spaces in their homes. The excitement of creating a space that is unapologetically you and functional can often become a modern design nightmare. From background to lighting, there are many things that can […]

Work + homeschool. Happy convergence, or perfect storm? We’ve faced lots of challenges in the last couple of months. For one thing, many of us find ourselves not only working from home but also teaching our children. Sometimes how you arrange your spaces can help you cope better. Today I’ll show you some of my […]

Social distancing. Introverts have been waiting their entire lives for this moment, right? As we adjust to necessary (and, we trust, temporary) changes to the way we conduct business, I see that many of us are in need of video conferencing guidelines. Now, about video calls in your pj’s, I would say, “ONLY as long as […]