Sure, they’re knee-bangers, but what would we do without coffee tables? There they sit, humbly awaiting our drinks, our remotes, our bookmarked pages, our sock-clad feet. But just because they’re so useful doesn’t mean coffee tables can’t be a beautiful part of our decor as well. A good starting place for a winning coffee table top is […]

 If You Can’t Grow It, Don’t Show It If you’re throwing down a few potted plants, blue striped wicker chairs, and calling it a garden room– we’re about to burst your bubble. That’s not a true “garden room.” Garden rooms are distinct rooms– spaces that have physical separation from the rest of your landscape or […]

If you saw my recent post about my retro cool Father’s Day brunch, you know that I find a way to have flowers at every event, even a “manly” meal. And one of my favorite blooms to feature anytime is the big showy peony. For beautiful pastel color and old fashioned beauty, peonies can hardly be […]

man cave home office decor

Okay, real talk? I feel like men, especially the father of my children, can be really difficult to buy for. I don’t know if your husband is like mine, but he always wants clothes, like socks, t-shirts, and things I just find boring and uninspiring. But you know what I find inspiring? A power washer. […]

While you’re at home, making little changes can be a big mood lifter. Here’s one: style or restyle your coffee table! Ah, the coffee table. Sure, it’s a knee-banger, but what would we do without it? There it sits, humbly awaiting our drinks, our remotes, our bookmarked pages, our sock-clad feet. What’s a mom to […]

Dallas Farmhouse Bedroom

Have you had any family staying with you right now? A lot of my friends have had their parents come stay with them to wait out the shelter at home time. This client designed a space where their live in guests can feel comfortable and like they have their own space!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ This Mother-In-Law suite […]

Mothers Day is fast approaching. Hopefully you won’t get exercise equipment, diet books, or wrinkle cream. Or cleaning equipment. Or kitchen appliances of ANY KIND. Actually, moms tell me that they really crave a spot at home they can call their own. Because we’re hunkering down at home, moms everywhere are doing double and triple […]

Work + homeschool. Happy convergence, or perfect storm? We’ve faced lots of challenges in the last couple of months. For one thing, many of us find ourselves not only working from home but also teaching our children. Sometimes how you arrange your spaces can help you cope better. Today I’ll show you some of my […]

We’re dealing with a lot of changes just now, but one thing that hasn’t changed is pride in our graduates. How can we show them our pride and celebrate their accomplishment, even though we can’t invite others in for now? Here are some ideas for an at-home family graduation celebration that your graduate will never […]

Save the paper plates for your backyard barbecue later, when (hopefully) we’ll be gathering again with friends. But right now, steal my spring table decor ideas and enjoy your decorative items and pretty dishes with family. Let them know how special they are! 1. Flowers Don’t you find that when you add fresh flowers, it […]