“I’ll be home for Christmas,” sings the crooner. “You can count on me…” Because Christmas at the Warren house is a Really Big Deal, you can count on me pulling out all the stops to create a magical setting for our family Christmas!   Come right on in and see for yourself the BEFORE and AFTER […]

Signs. They’re everywhere.  You know, “The Rules of This Family”, “Live, Laugh, Love”, and (my personal favorite) “I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry”. I love ’em, too–they’re funny and sentimental and sometimes just what you need for a certain wall spot. But only SOMETIMES.  Because face it, when a trend gains […]

All in for Christmas decor but not feeling the red and green? Never fear–alternatives are as close as your imagination, so bring your own vision to the holidays. It’s a perfect time for every budding decorator to let fancy take flight! You’re thinking more like…sophistication and sparkle? Pull from this mood board I did for a […]