Nook: n. a secluded or sheltered place or part. As in, “I searched every nook and cranny” (whatever a cranny is!) Now, you may have some architectural recessed walls, or some call them niches,  in your house–older homes almost always do, and new bungalow or cottage-style plans often include nostalgic elements like these.  For example: My […]

Yep, it’s coming up sure enough summer now (100 degrees+ in Texas), so it’s not like we’re using our fireplaces. BUT that doesn’t mean we should IGNORE them.  Because the fireplace and mantel are always a focal point of the room, we should give them their design due in any season.  Keep reading…. The oh-so-current […]

I may not have Ninja skills, but when it comes to design, I have some secret weapons in my tool belt. Some go-to items that I never skip. Take a stroll through some of my Dallas clients’ homes and see what I used to bring fresh life into their spaces…. You’ve heard of late bloomers, but tulips […]