You know, I love my home, but more than that I love the people IN my home.  One of my great joys is creating an atmosphere at home that celebrates those I love. You can, too! “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”   Whether it’s word art on a shelf or […]

You’re hearing it everywhere: new year, new goals, new you–but hey, let’s not overwhelm. Take a breath and let’s ease into this with some achievable-right-now steps to create some calm at home for moving forward this year Here’s what I’m doing. Tip #1 – Get Christmas put away. You may have the garland off the […]

I am so blessed to have amazing people to work with. And I am looking for one amazing, very specific NON DESIGN role  to help me carry out my projects!  If so, please refer them to complete this short 5-7 min personality survey as it is a big part of helping me find the right […]

Did you catch the premiere of my YouTube decor and design show?  I’m filming shows that will inspire you and help you love your home.  I hope you’ll join me on YouTube for Real Life Design With Courtney Warren! It could be marriage, re-marriage, boomerang kids moving home, or elderly parents moving in–whatever prompts the […]

It’s here!  There’s a lot of buzz about the PREMIERE EPISODE of my new YouTube channel, Real Life Design With Courtney Warren. I’m incredibly busy with this new venture AND my design business, but it is so much fun!  Viewer questions are pouring in! Let me try to answer a few. Q: I loved the […]

Just a couple more weeks till the premiere of my YouTube decor and design show!  We are busy filming content you will love! I hope you’ll join us for Real Life Design With Courtney Warren on March 13! Maximizing Small Spaces in Your Home Today, let’s look at a dilemma many of my readers and […]

Crafting the perfect home doesn’t have to be a challenge! You can learn the five most common decorating errors, so you can design with confidence. Decorating Mistake #1: Nostalgia furniture The happy memories of that chair/sofa/bed/table at Grandma’s may not translate to your current home.  Sometimes the furniture fits in (maybe as an accent piece), […]

Is it just me or does anyone else relate with amazement to the fact that an 8-YEAR OLD who reviews toys on his Youtube channel earned 26 MILLION DOLLARS last year?? Folks, we live in that time: if you have internet access and a smartphone, you have opportunity to reach– literally– THE WORLD! Hmmmm… Such […]

“Well, I saw this kitchen in a magazine…” “I’ve brought home six different bed sets and the room STILL doesn’t look like I want.” “This furniture looked great in the store. But at home, it’s all still so…meh.” Friends, I get you. From day one, my goal has been to help my design clients move […]

When you step across the threshold at home, what feelings do you have? What feelings would you LIKE to have? Would you have any problem with a home that feels inviting, cozy, peaceful–even fun? I wouldn’t! What’s the thing at home that’s gnawing at you and blocking a sense of peace and relaxation? Is it […]