You’ve either heard it said or said it yourself. “Sure, if I just had the decorating budget the people on those home shows have, I could make MY space look great, too!” Yeah, you’d like to make some decor changes at your house, but hmm, the orthodontist expects to be paid for those braces! I’d […]

Fiesta Birthday

Everyone loves a fiesta, and if you’re not crazy, you love Mexican food about as much as I do. We have a lot of August birthdays in our close circle of friends and family. So, it made sense that we decided to celebrate them all together with one fiesta birthday celebration! Chips and salsa, sugar […]

Front Porch

Ready to ditch your lackluster staircase for a painted masterpiece?  I promise you; it’s an easy and stylish update you’ll appreciate for years to come. You can paint faux runners on both interior and exterior staircases.  I painted a concrete runner on my exterior steps in our 1926 Tudor Revival Cottage, and I wouldn’t change […]

What DIY project can I do at home? Are the walls closing in on you? Need a creative outlet or some stress relief? Do you want to know what to build when you are bored? How about some good ideas for home projects? I get that! Me, too! Thankfully, home DIY projects can be easy […]