Holiday decorating ideas

You can still bring cheer into your home this season without using red and green decor! Instead, why not cozy up your home with a few unconventionally inspiring colors and designs? Whether you like to add a bit of whimsy to your holiday decor or warm up your home with neutrals, we’ve got a few looks […]

How many paring knives do I REALLY need? Hmm. Clutter creeps up on me all the time, especially when I’m not mindful of the things I own. Then, I’m trying to hide clutter, zigzagging around my house like a crazy person just 10 minutes before my family comes to visit– it becomes an even bigger […]

START living in a home that you love. STOP waiting for a perfect time or space. Even If you live in a temporary house, condo, or apartment, you can make your rental feel like home. Without crossing any landlord laws or rental rules. We know social media makes this challenging. We’re scrolling through our Instagram […]

Custom builds give you total personalization. The flexibility to design your own home just the way you like it! But let’s get real y’all, it’s also a total nightmare sometimes. Decision fatigue. Countless planning hours. Money. Just ask me– I’m in the middle of building our forever home right now. If you’re thinking about building […]

Thinking of building a new home? Take this short quiz. __A. Building a home is great. You get to design it and pick out just what you want!  __B. Building a home is the worst thing ever. The decisions! The budget! Your marriage!   __C. Both A and B Yes, friends, it’s C. Building a home […]