This Texas change of weather is perfect timing- because right when there are a million adorable spring items I want to get, Mother’s Day comes around. So, here is what I am shopping for….for myself. Ahem. Because sometimes it be’s like that.

What paint color trend is replacing gray in 2024? Don’t get me wrong. I like gray. I use gray. And for some people, gray is a great choice. For others, they are ready to take a little more risk in their home. And 2024 is embracing a little design risk. Now that the year has […]

Are you tired of staring at the same old drab kitchen countertops and uninspiring, unstyled cabinets? Fear not, because I’ve got some fantastic tips to help you jazz up your culinary space and style your cabinets without breaking a sweat. Let’s dive into the world of kitchen styling and make cooking feel like a gourmet […]

Easter is coming fast,  so if you haven’t  decorated your home or front door,  I got ya!  These items are adorable,  affordable,  and ready to ship!  1. Decorations Golden Polyresin Bunny Decor Rabbit Figurines These golden bunny figurines have a lovely vintage charm, and look like higher quality than a lot of the figurines I […]

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? It seems like it’s coming early this year…or maybe I just still think Christmas just ended. It’s time to sprinkle some festive magic into our humble abodes. And guess what? I’ve got the perfect trick up our sleeves for those who love a great DIY – […]

Is farmhouse decor out of style

Ah, Farmhouse Decor. It is THE decorating style that took over the 2000s. It made Chip and Joanna Gaines household names, and put my college town of Waco, Texas on the map. Don’t believe me? Just ask your neighbor. Men that cannot tell you what a sconce is can use the word “shiplap” correctly in […]

Is your small bathroom’s design giving you the blues? Ready for small bathroom redesign? I love to use a half bath for bringing LOADS of style and personality. It’s a small, dedicated space, so it’s a good place to use tile and wallpaper that more open rooms can’t handle. So let’s go over some recent […]

I don’t ONLY do residential design. I love Airbnb’s, restaurants, shops and the like! So when I got a call to complete a neighborhood multi-purpose community center design, my first question was “where and when!?”. My second question is what functions does this space need to meet? The answer was threefold: It needed to be […]

open shelves

Designing a galley kitchen is like diving into a puzzle where every inch counts.

What it offers: a cozy cooking zone with parallel counters and a nice central aisle.

The challenge is turning this narrow space into a kitchen that’s both practical and stylish.

We’re about to unravel the secrets of galley kitchen design…

It feels so weird taking Christmas decor down, because things feel a little bare. Enter Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re planning a cozy dinner for two or a special gathering with the gals, the right decorations make everything feel more festive. Let’s highlight some of the best (and most budget-friendly!) Valentine’s Day decorations that will help […]