After a year of planning (and editing plans), picking finishes, and driving our contractor pretty crazy, we are finally in our new house!  Today I’d like to show you how to I decorated the boys’ bedrooms–and (a first for the Warren houses) a guestroom! We haven’t had the boxes unpacked for long, but I still […]

I’ve been busy with soooo many things, including Ask a Designer Week on Facebook.  Your burning design questions ANSWERED! Did you see my Facebook post about accent walls?  If not, catch it here. (And yes, your accent wall could even be your CEILING! I promise.) I have a friend who moved into a 1970’s home […]

dallas designer shiplap painted accent wall

I have a friend who moved into a 1970’s home in the 90’s. Nearly every room in the house had a wallpaper accent wall.  She promptly removed every one of them, textured, and painted.  Back then, accent walls were…Just So Yesterday. That’s because they were yesterday’s accent walls. Fast forward to today, and cast your […]