Let’s start today’s holiday home tour with my favorite room– the kitchen. I mean, the room where design and food collide. I’m in. You had me at food.  This room is where we spend the majority of the time, and where my kids hang out, so I wanted it to be fun, lively, and kid friendly. […]

Did you catch my appearance on Fox 4 Good Day about summer entertaining? See it here! If there’s anything better than ice cream in the summer, it’s… MORE ICE CREAM! I was planning a get-together for friends at my house. I thought, “Oh, how about a vintage vibe…?” Because I’m ALWAYS thinking, “HOW ABOUT A […]

I have a radical suggestion: let’s get a jump on New Year resolutions and promise ourselves, our friends and families fewer microwaved meals and carryout cartons. I’ll come right out and say it: let’s be downright counter-cultural and SET THE TABLE! For your holiday party, sure, but how about for your family, too? During the […]