I am still dying laughing from yesterday’s post of terrible gifts. Oh, there is such good intention, but such TERRIBLE ideas. Some of the worst: Matching trashcans for Valentine’s Day An umbrella for having a baby A beer hat A bean cutter!? So bad. So funny, and so bad. Not on my watch! Think about […]

 Happy birthday to Courtney Warren Home! November is my business birthday–what a ride it’s been!  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy working with my amazing clients, helping them take their homes from “stuck” to “stylish”!  I’ve had a ball with each project! And your wonderful feedback is an incredible affirmation of how much […]

This beautiful home was grand in scale but lacked warmth and personality. The BEFORE photos (below) show the beautiful bones but all the colors blend into each other. Now its sunny interior welcomes family and friends every day with perky, quirky touches that enhance the home’s best features. You might hesitate, as this client did, at the suggestion of […]