In the previous post, I showed you the first basic layer of lighting in a room: general illumination.  Usually a ceiling fixture or pot lights, general lighting gives overall lighting to your room or area.  But as they say on tv, “Wait! There’s more!” So let’s look at another important layer of lighting… Task Lighting […]

I know you never do this: you’re driving along through a part of town where you like the houses, whether historical district or newer builds that appeal. It’s dusk or dark, and through the unshuttered windows or open drapes (these folks obviously don’t mind you looking!) you see the happy welcoming glow of lamps and […]

Want a designer look for your home? Here are 5 tips to help you decorate like a designer. Check back later for 5 more! 1. Clear Clutter Even functional storage can contribute to your design idea: use a basket, crate, armoire or lockers as “decorative storage.” I feel like trays are my secret weapon. Kid’s rooms can get really messy, […]