You’ve seen it.  You’ve probably lived it.  The kids’ stuff is taking over.  From the time you unpacked those first baby shower gifts, children’s items began to Eat. Your. House. All The Things that come with kids Life with kids is an amazing adventure. They’re not just mini adults–they have specific needs, and homes with […]

Now, you may think you know what a “modern” house looks like.  Or say, a “farmhouse”. But if we throw “eclectic” into the mix, am I really messing with your head?  Trust me, the results we achieved in my clients’ home with this gorgeous style mash-up speak for themselves.  Walk with me through some befores […]

We have good intentions about decorating our kids’ rooms, we really do.  But, you know,  life happens and somehow… Enough with regrets–let’s get inspired about those darling little spaces instead! Your little people will be delighted and you’ll be happier every time you walk in their rooms. Happy is reason enough, right?.  But here’s the practical bonus (in […]