Do you know that “Barbiecore” is the latest trend in home design? Think: bright colors, girlie details and the lady herself. I love taking a trend and making it classic, and I have actually used Barbie in a couple rooms already. Here are some elements of this trend… While you may not be ready to go […]

Any profession or hobby has a set of basic tools fit for that endeavor. You know, like a fisherman’s tacklebox. Using those basics in a variety of ways gets you a variety of results. Would you like to know some of my go-to decorating tools? I find, when helping my clients with home decor, I […]

The housing market is crazy! If you’re getting ready to sell your home, renovation decisions should be smart ones that will sell your home quickly and bring the best price. I’m here to help you! Smart Kitchen and Bath Upgrades Last time I gave you some tips for refreshing your home in general: fresh paint, […]

  Today’s volatile home market is creating anxiety not only for buyers (“Is this a good time to buy?”) but for potential sellers (“Is my home going to bring what I need to relocate?) I’m here for you sellers with some renovation ideas that will help you showcase your home’s best features and benefit from […]

I am so excited to reveal my new house photos! Today I invite you to tour my new home’s kitchen and living area–with before and afters, too. Our home has been a year in the making– we walked the dirt, envisioned the layout, dreamed over the spaces, and agonized over the finishes. And finally, HERE […]

How many paring knives do I REALLY need? Hmm. Clutter creeps up on me all the time, especially when I’m not mindful of the things I own. Then, I’m trying to hide clutter, zigzagging around my house like a crazy person just 10 minutes before my family comes to visit– it becomes an even bigger […]

I am so blessed to have amazing people to work with. And I am looking for one amazing, very specific NON DESIGN role  to help me carry out my projects!  If so, please refer them to complete this short 5-7 min personality survey as it is a big part of helping me find the right […]

Social distancing. Introverts have been waiting their entire lives for this moment, right? As we adjust to necessary (and, we trust, temporary) changes to the way we conduct business, I see that many of us are in need of video conferencing guidelines. Now, about video calls in your pj’s, I would say, “ONLY as long as […]

Catch my new YouTube design and decor channel, Real Life Design With Courtney Warren! I’m filming lots of fun and helpful content about all things decor and design!  Today we’re talking RENO , and I don’t mean Nevada.  I mean renovation projects that help bring the best return on investment when you sell your home. […]

It’s here!  There’s a lot of buzz about the PREMIERE EPISODE of my new YouTube channel, Real Life Design With Courtney Warren. I’m incredibly busy with this new venture AND my design business, but it is so much fun!  Viewer questions are pouring in! Let me try to answer a few. Q: I loved the […]