Face it. During the holidays, paper goods manufacturers are counting on you to stock up on plenty of disposables. Why not mess with their minds a bit and use some real dishes? After all, what are you saving your pretty stuff for? Holidays with family and friends are centered around the table, so–make a memory […]

A Houston-based poet said, “Fall comes to Texas by a wrong turn and a bit of luck.” It’s true that we don’t often see the dramatic seasonal changes that other parts of the country do.  But what we DO get, we REALLY appreciate! And while we wait (and wait) for fall outside, we like to bring some […]

Fall Decor. When to decorate? How soon is too soon? I used to roll my eyes when craft stores put their fall decor out in August. I am not sure about other states, but I feel like as a Texan, I might have a confused idea of the seasons. After all, I did try to […]

I see these amazing pumpkin centerpieces & I figured it couldn’t be too difficult? Here’s the steps for the DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece.  Step one: I purchased dry foam and moss, flowers and a faux pumpkin  Step 2: Used a knife to cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin the size of my foam […]

Did you miss the Thanksgiving tips today on Good Day Fox? Catch the replay here! http://www.fox4news.com/good-day/from-rustic-farmhouse-to-bathrooms-get-tips-for-decorating-this-season  Need help creativng a thanksgiving table? Creating a beautiful Thanksgiving table is easy and fun! Start by choosing a color scheme – warm autumn colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown are perfect for the season. Add a centerpiece […]

Fall is here and one staple I always include in my fall decorating is pumpkins. Do they have to be plain orange or carved with a scary face? Absolutely not! Pumpkins can be any color and embellished to fit your fall décor.  Let’s get crazy! Have you tried these pumpkin prepping ideas? -Use thumb tacks to […]