You’ve either heard it said or said it yourself. “Sure, if I just had the decorating budget the people on those home shows have, I could make MY space look great, too!” Yeah, you’d like to make some decor changes at your house, but hmm, the orthodontist expects to be paid for those braces! I’d […]

teen room decor

Staging homes is a fun side gig, where a  Realtor calls me to work in empty homes and bring in needed decorative pieces to boost the homes’ appeal. The staging consistently makes a huge difference in client interest, time required to sell, and–here’s the good part–THE SELLING PRICE! What’s the takeaway for you if you’re […]

Want a designer look for your home? Here are 5 tips to help you decorate like a designer. Check back later for 5 more! 1. Clear Clutter Even functional storage can contribute to your design idea: use a basket, crate, armoire or lockers as “decorative storage.” I feel like trays are my secret weapon. Kid’s rooms can get really messy, […]