When you step across the threshold at home, what feelings do you have? What feelings would you LIKE to have? Would you have any problem with a home that feels inviting, cozy, peaceful–even fun? I wouldn’t! What’s the thing at home that’s gnawing at you and blocking a sense of peace and relaxation? Is it […]

Where in your home are you at your best? Where do you go to dream?  I don’t mean just the zzzzzzz kind, although that could be part of it.  I mean your “relax-and-invite-the-possibilities-in” spot, your place to imagine and to chart your course.  Is it your own corner of the sofa, with a cozy throw […]

Do you ever wonder what your childhood would have been like if you had grown up with a cell phone in your hand? My (ahem) significant birthday this year announced to the world that I don’t fall into either Gen Y or Z. The side ponytail is another clue. Nope, instead, I grew up using […]

Wouldn’t it be idea to decorate for the holidays ONCE and leave it up until after Christmas?!? I was  on Fox Good Day speaking about Winter Decor that will last through the holidays! No worries if you missed it! Catch all the ideas at the link below. http://www.fox4news.com/good-day/222898353-story   What Christmas decorations can be used for Winter decor? […]