So. Do you say neesh?  Or nitch. Or maybe nish? Just take your pick when it comes to the “niche”–I’ve heard all three ways (but probably nitch the most). What’s a niche? You know those little recesses in the wall where you can…well, here, let’s see what we CAN do with nitches, neeshes or nishes. At this client’s house, the moody-toned niche above the fireplace was […]

Is farmhouse decor going out of style

I hear homeowners say things like, “Why, oh why, do those magazine photos of bookshelves look so perfect and mine look so [fill in the blank]…” *so blah *so empty *so full *so haphazard *so like-I-tried-too-hard Sure, the magazines have stylists to prep their photos, but you can do what they do, because I’m going […]