Their new home was finally finished, and they loved it. But as soon as my clients moved in, they realized it needed—something. It lacked those finishing touches that take a new build from “OK, it’s done” to “Oh, wow, I’m in LOVE with my new home!” The living room. You know, it was fine: nice […]

Your finger hovers over the call button. You chew your lower lip. You cast your eyes around the room one more time, seeking confirmation. Oh, how to know? SHOULD I CALL AN INTERIOR DESIGNER OR NOT?? I can help you out here. Now, you may think advice on this question from an interior designer would […]

 Happy birthday to Courtney Warren Home! November is my business birthday–what a ride it’s been!  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy working with my amazing clients, helping them take their homes from “stuck” to “stylish”!  I’ve had a ball with each project! And your wonderful feedback is an incredible affirmation of how much […]