Oh, Texas summer. You are such a great idea in theory. Then the temp hits 100 degrees and I am drenched in sweat just walking from my car into the grocery store. What’s a Texan to do? The only surefire way to beat the heat is to embrace it. My two boys walked out of school and […]

Questions to answer: -How to turn a tiny backyard into an oasis? -How much does it cost to renovate your backyard into an oasis? -Backyard oasis with pools? -What plants should I use to create an oasis in my backyard?

A lot of us have been in the house much too much this spring and summer, so the opportunity to get outdoors at home is a godsend. To make your outdoor spaces as welcoming as can be, I’d love to give you some tips on how to beautify your backyard on a budget without sacrificing […]