Memorial day is this week and I am so excited to be sharing some Summer Kick Off Ideas to do with the family! Here are a couple of my favorite things to do with the family… Host an ice cream party Who doesn’t like ice cream on a warm summer day? it can be fun and […]

One Way Being a Mom Influenced my Custom Home Build   Now here’s a shocker—kids make messes.   Well, truth be told, families in general are messy (on more than one level, but I won’t go there). What I started out to say was how having kids influenced my design decisions when we were building […]

Who is ready to see the boy’s room reveal: Wallpaper? Why did I choose wallpaper to grow with my kid’s room? ⁠ He’s full of energy and full of life, but although he loves dogs, I didn’t feel that would age well.… Instead, I chose something classy and colorful, spunky but will grow with him. […]

You’ve seen it.  You’ve probably lived it.  The kids’ stuff is taking over.  From the time you unpacked those first baby shower gifts, children’s items began to Eat. Your. House. All The Things that come with kids Life with kids is an amazing adventure. They’re not just mini adults–they have specific needs, and homes with […]

Questions to answer: -How to turn a tiny backyard into an oasis? -How much does it cost to renovate your backyard into an oasis? -Backyard oasis with pools? -What plants should I use to create an oasis in my backyard?

A lot of us have been in the house much too much this spring and summer, so the opportunity to get outdoors at home is a godsend. To make your outdoor spaces as welcoming as can be, I’d love to give you some tips on how to beautify your backyard on a budget without sacrificing […]

In Courtney’s YouTube Series, she explains that before the physical design ever takes place, she helps her clients explore what they want the purpose of the home to be. Courtney calls these Heart Questions, and wants to share them with you- for free- to help you on your journey from stuck to stylish in creating […]

Life moves fast, huh? I am a believer of stopping to give thanks and look back to reflect on the year. There were some learning moments of 2018 as well as some moments to celebrate. Some of my favorite highlights of last year include: 1.  Flea Market Home & Living magazine named me as one […]

Not long ago, a Dallas field editor for  Better Homes and Gardens Special Publications saw my home on Instagram (@courtneywarrenhome) and messaged me to send her some scouting photos. As I held my breath and prayed, she contacted me. She loved the house and would be shooting it for a Better Homes and Gardens Special Publication called Best of Flea […]

With the click of a button, I can see my top 10 Instagram photos of the year! Isn’t technology cool!!?? Some of the highlights are the open galvanized open shelving brackets,  lighting used on Fixer Upper, cotton stems, barn doors, and oversized clock with a vintage corbel. Working on design continues to tbe a creative and […]

 I love this symmetrical row of chandeliers that a local restaurant has. What a huge statement right when you walk in!! Using multiple of the same item in design can be powerful because it creates a sense of unity, consistency, and repetition. This can create a stronger visual impact and draw the viewer’s attention towards […]