Updated: I am answering the top questions I am getting this season about where to shop and WHAT to get!! Buying holiday decor isn’t just about aesthetics–it’s about helping us SET the MOOD. I’m all about creating a meaningful and warm experience for the people that I love. Holiday designing does just that–it gives us […]

Making an ombré leaf wall is more of a technical art than anything else. Dare to be different? Take your pick and create an ombré leaf wall for a sweet spot in your home. We envisioned a metallic ombré leaf wall for our client–using pretty shades of gold and silver. After I finalized the wall’s measurements, […]

Many of you are staying home more than you ever have–cooking, teaching, and working! The weather is also getting cooler. And the holidays are right around the corner, which is why it’s the perfect time to take a good look at your spaces. Start brainstorming! How can you make your home feel more relaxing this season? […]

The holidays are right around the corner! Plaid thermos, chunky knit blankets, and creamy eggnog, we’re so ready for you. I’ve already started prepping holiday decor and you should too! Buying holiday decor isn’t just about aesthetics–it’s about helping us SET the MOOD. Y’all, I’m all about creating a meaningful and warm experience for the […]

How many paring knives do I REALLY need? Hmm. Clutter creeps up on me all the time, especially when I’m not mindful of the things I own. Then, I’m trying to hide clutter, zigzagging around my house like a crazy person just 10 minutes before my family comes to visit– it becomes an even bigger […]

Does the thought of mixing chrome and brass in one space make you feel kinda stressy? We’re here to soothe your design anxiety. Yes, you can mix metals in a space without it looking wonky. Mixing metals can soften a stark space and dress it up. Hardware is the jewelry of interior design, after all! […]

Four walls, limitless possibilities–let us help you narrow them down. Our creative juices are flowin’ today, but we’re only thinking about decorating with wallpaper. We know what’s on your mind. Isn’t wallpaper a design trend of the past? Not anymore, y’all! Wallpaper used to be a classic sign of dated decor. Or a reminder you’re […]

white kitchen

’80s decor trends haven’t left us just yet! Think shiny brass metals, pastels, oversized tropical prints, and Southwestern themes. Though our client’s home didn’t showcase these classic 1980’s elements (just yet), we immediately saw its potential. Here’s how we completed her house remodel! This 1980’s home had simple lines and thoughtfully crafted details. BUT, we […]

Work from home

We all have our own unique style that speaks volumes about who we are, but in the age of endless virtual meetings, as we continue to wait out the pandemic wrought by COVID, I want to show you some easy ways to set up a video call that will make your colleagues and their lingering […]

Mixing old in new is what comes to mind when you think about farmhouse decor. You might want to look for ideas that seem far away from contemporary design.  A Vintage inspired farmhouse, in this regard, seems to have revived and uplifted from yesteryear. The popularity and demand can be witnessed as an increasing disenchantment […]