When it comes to picking paint colors for your home, are you feeling the need for some HELP?? When we’re looking for the best neutral paint colors, what is it about standing in front of that paint chip display that unhinges us? Sooooo many choices!  “I don’t really know what I like…” “Gee, I know […]

Spring cleaning time is here, and if anything makes you want a bathroom remodel it’s trying to get that old tile and vanity looking new. Well, ok, maybe you’d settle for just “better”. But if you’ve come to the realization that it may be time to, um,  throw in the towel on that aging bath […]

The newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens’ Best of Flea Market Style magazine will be out on April 12–and I’m so jazzed to tell you this “Junk Queen” is featured in its pages for a SECOND TIME!  I was scouted three years ago by BHG editors and our previous home was the subject of an amazing spread in […]

My kids are at a great age– the age where Christmas is even more magical and festive than it usually is! So, I was super excited to transform our house into a Winter Wonderland. So, don’t stand still for long! If it isn’t moving, I am decking it with halls of jolly! (People included).  First of […]

My son loves sports so naturally he wanted a sports inspired room and I wanted a room that worked well the farmhouse style I love. So here is what we came up with. Highlights in decor: -Vintage sports=flags and pennants!  They can be hung almost anywhere in a room to add color and dimension to […]

Making a house your home is always fun and exciting.  Being able to add your style and incorporate meaningful pieces that make your home look inviting and appealing makes an ordinary space extraordinary.  I was able to design each room just the way I wanted it since I had a blank canvas to start with. I […]

This year I decided to change up my tree decor. The Christmas tree is usually quite mismatched with homemade ornaments and doesn’t have a real “theme”. I was ready to try something new, and when I saw Holly Mathis’ beautiful tree last year with silhouette ornaments, it inspired me to pull the trigger! The colors […]

Join me in a mini tour of our house. Let’s start in the kitchen, since that’s where the snacks are! The main colors in this room are gray and white, so I added red. I love how fun and bright it is. This room feels very cheery, and is accented with my VERY favorite– vintage Christmas […]

Bedroom before…. If you weren’t in love with the floor to ceiling paneling, I wonder if the ruffled curtains would win you over? The curtains remind me of Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth the movie*. *I didn’t see it because my neck felt itchy when I saw the preview. But now, Cate and Elizabeth and I want to […]

 It’s DAY THREE of House Renovation Week, and it has been so fun showing how much our house has changed. I have gotten such kind comments and feedback, which is super nice. I am so honored when people say they wish they could live in my house or they want me to come work on their houses. If you have […]