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My House

Welcome to my home! I am so excited to give you a tour of my beautiful, family-oriented space. This cottage was built in 1926 and we loved the charm and history! We renovated the kitchen and and restored and updated many of the rooms to improve the flow and livability. Behind the pastel colored drywall was hearty shiplap, so we exposed it in many rooms. Finally, to finish out this labor of love, I furnished it with refined rustic glam decor and accessorized with interesting pieces that tell a story. The result is a home we truly LIVE in. With 2 boys and a puppy, we do not have any other choice, and we love to live here. Come see our space! (Bedroom accent wall by Adriana Fullerton)


1980’s Update

This now airy space was once dark, drab and dingy. New kitchen cabinets, flooring, sink, lighting and layout completely reenergized the space! The master bedroom and teenage bedroom also got a fantastic update with all new paint, furniture, bedding and lighting. These once dark and depressing 1980’s dated spaces now are the perfect places to relax after a hard day!


Rustic Ranch

This gracious Texas ranch house was full of lovely architectural details, but its tired entryway and office were not setting the right tone. These homeowners are so gracious, and they wanted their guests to feel at home as soon as they walked through the door.


Sprawling Ranch Estate

This gorgeous home had fantastic bones but needed a dose of the new owner’s personality.  With dramatic new paint, lighting, and eclectic furniture, we filled this large empty space with personality! 


Lofty Ambitions

Everything about this loft speaks to the owner's personality and tastes. From spotlights to wall art to industrial spare-parts lamp, his preferences speak.


Highland Park French Country

So many shades of blue and so many ways to apply, adapt, and tweak blue and white. In this client's home, I brightened the wonderful traditional bones with a lively blue and white scheme. Blue and white adapts to any decor, from farmhouse to ultramodern.


AirBnb Spaces

I was contacted by Parrell travel company to design a colorful, fun, and festive Air BNB that celebrates Dallas. Once I did the first one, they liked it so much they called me back to do two more! They are available to rent online now.  This fantastic, whirlwind project for Air BNB was a playful nod to Dallas Glam, Southern Hospitality, and the "upscale" reputation Dallas sometimes earns. Black and white polka dots paired with vibrant colors make this space cheeky and chic!


Farmhouse Kitchen

This home had a sparse, modern kitchen and the new owner wanted a farmhouse feeling. It was an easy change by switching out the light fixtures, adding new marble, and covering the existing vent hood. The modern kitchen they disliked is now a thing of the past!


Frisco Golf Course Home

This beautiful home had a great structure but needed some style and accessorizing. Because of the large, open floor plan, it required a bit more furniture to not feel empty and cold. We kept the rustic feeling to coordinate with the amazing stone accent wall and used soft blues for a pop of color. The result is a warm, welcoming home! 


Eclectic Lake Views

This home was very traditional when this homeowner moved in; think old-world, Tuscan, and big, heavy, brown furniture. This single dad hired me to help him reflect his family's fun spirit! We used bold, happy colors and interesting accents. The art featured was hand-printed by a local artist to showcase his girls. Now his home reflects his active and energetic family! 


Funky Breakfast Room

Whimsy, fun, and color--hallmarks of a very TODAY kind of home.    How could you not smile when coming to sit down for a meal in this space? From the colorful accent wall to the windmill art to the orb-turned-chandelier, it's a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll! 


Historic Munger

This project was like a traveling through time! The home had been previously decorated as a rustic ranch – our job was to infuse it with the style of the owner’s beloved hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. To fit the desires of the homeowner, we had to update the interior to fit a completely different aesthetic, from a ranch with horses to an old, historic haven!


Nautical Nursery

This nursery was uninspired and drab. Which did not work for this sweet baby girl! Her parents were ready for a fun room that reflected her fun personality. The large windows let lots of sunshine into the nursery, and the navy accent wall sets off the hot pinks and white of the furniture. We utilized the “5th wall” and painted the ceiling the matching hot pink for extra fun!


Holiday Home Tours

My kids are at a great age-- the age where Christmas is even more magical and festive than it usually is! So, I was super excited to transform our house into a Winter Wonderland.

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